TOMORROW, Granada Television launches a religious programme, This Sunday. The Candid Caller asked: Do you believe in the 'God spot' and have Britain's religious values diminished?

Mr Leonard Priest of Cosham, Hampshire: 'I don't watch religious shows. I'm not religious. I do think the country's religious values are going down the tubes. I used to go to church years ago but then I was in the services and taught to kill - and that put me off religion, really.'

Mr Jeffrey Parson of Birmingham: 'No, I don't believe in it, although I think the country is still as religious as it ever was.'

Mrs Ivy Saint of Southampton: 'I don't believe in too many religious shows and I do wish they wouldn't change the 'God spot'. I used to love Songs of Praise. We used to look forward to it every Sunday, but it hasn't been on since Meridian took over. I believe in God and think Britain is less religious and caring than it used to be.'

Mrs Elizabeth Bishop of Bilston, West Midlands: 'I do believe in it, although it's not as good as it was. I like Highway and I'll give This Sunday a go. The country's religious values have disappeared. I've always been religious myself.'

Mr Clive Surman of Thurlaston, Leicestershire: 'I don't have a television, I have the radio instead. I still never tune in to the religious broadcasts, though.'

Mr Mark Vickerage of Tyneside: 'I don't watch religious shows or go to church, but I've got some half-beliefs. Religious values are dropping because of the reduced social values sweeping the country.'