WHAT WAS the worst disaster of 1992, and what would you most like to see happen in 1993? The Candid Caller looks back on last year and forward to this one.

Mrs Joan Old of Wearside: 'All the troubles in Russia. This year I'd give anything for peace in the world.'

Mr George New of Harlow, Essex: 'The last general election. Another election]'

Mr Derek Old of Cramlington, Northumberland: 'The split-up of Charles and Di - it's bad for the country. Best thing, being very selfish, to win the pools.'

Mrs Janet New of Leeds: 'The continuing famine in Africa. If I could ask for anything this year it would be to see everyone in the world have full stomachs.'

Mrs Brenda Old of Llanbydderi, South Glamorgan: 'The whole year was one long disaster. The best thing for 1993 would be a general election.'

Mr Leonard New of Milton Keynes: 'Closing all the mines was Britain's worst disaster last year. This year I'd like to see a bit more harmony among the royals. I've got nothing against them. I think we carry too many passengers there.'

Miss Rachel Old of Welshpool, Powys: 'The chaos caused by the Soviet Union breaking up. I'd most like to see an end to the civil war in former Yugoslavia.'

Mr David New of Dorchester, Dorset: 'The plane crash in the Netherlands was the worst disaster. I'd like to see world peace.'

The Rev Allan Old of Edinburgh: 'There were two disasters last year which were equally bad: the drought in Africa and, for Britain, Black Wednesday. I have a definite and a very queer view according to my ideals: the best thing that could happen in 1993 is spiritual revival.'

Mrs June New, of Accrington, Lancashire: 'The war in former Yugoslavia was the worst thing about 1992. The best thing I could wish for in 1993 is world peace.'