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Bill Clinton and John Major do not know what to do with Saddam Hussein. So the Candid Caller decided to ask the people.

Mrs Linda Peace of Portsmouth: 'I think he should be left well alone but watched constantly.'

Mr Alan Warr of Chichester: 'The answer is: it should have been done two years ago. We should have pursued the campaign in Iraq to its logical conclusion at that time and either wiped him out or made a condition of peace that he was removed from power. I think Bush chickened out. He wanted to go home as a hero and take his heroic boys with him.'

Mrs Joyce Peace of Grimsby: 'My late husband would say somebody should shoot him. I don't think we'll have any peace until we do get rid of him.'

Mrs Gillian Warr of Blackpool: 'In some way he should be ousted from power. He shouldn't be allowed to continue. I don't think we should go about it with war methods. Perhaps we should send in the SAS.'

Mr Ian Peace of Palmers Green, north London: 'We should get rid of him as quickly as possible. He's not doing any good at all. He rules by fear, but because of that fear there are obviously a lot of people suffering out there. The quicker we can bring that to an end the better.'

Mr Frederick Warr of Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex: 'I think that it's a matter for the United Nations and that it should be left to them. It needs a great deal of thought.'

Mr Harold Peace of Stafford: 'He's certainly got to be taught a lesson, but I think he'll keep niggling until he's wiped out.'

Mrs Anne Warr of Manchester: 'I think they should have finished him off in the first place. I'm not a bit surprised that he's come back to cause more trouble.'

Mrs Betty Peacefull of Spilsby,

Lincolnshire: 'Hang him] I think the best thing anybody can do is get hold of him and kill the blighter.'

Mr Auberon Waugh: 'I think he should be left alone really. He doesn't worry me. I think he's obviously very popular in his own country.'