TUESDAY sees the start of a new BBC 2 series for nosy parkers, Celebrity Mantelpiece, so the Candid Caller asked: Whose home would you like to see? What do you keep on your own mantelpiece?

Mrs Jane Mantel of Tyne and Wear: 'I think I'd choose a film star - my hero, Clint Eastwood. On my mantelpiece I've got a hand-carved wooden cat and some china cats, a bit of the Berlin Wall and a gold clock. You aren't going to come and burgle me, are you?'

Mr Nick Peace of Wolverhampton: 'I'd be most interested in seeing how the Duke of Westminster lives. On my mantelpiece I've got some birthday cards, an invitation to a wedding and an Access bill.'

Mrs Janet Mantel of Glasgow: 'At 72, I'm not curious: I've seen it all. I don't have a mantelpiece. I've my 'Living Flame' gas fire.'

Mr Robert Peace of Acton, West London: 'I'd love to explore Michael Jackson's home Neverland - not just the room Oprah Winfrey interviewed him in. I bet bits of it are as naff as Hearst Castle in California. On my mantelpiece there's a clock and several china ornaments.'

Mrs Joyce Mantel of Harlow: 'I'd like to see inside the home of the weatherman Francis Wilson. I've always wondered what happened to him and where he is. I've got eight ornamental dogs, flowers and a picture on my mantelpiece.'

Mrs Mary Peace of Liverpool: 'I'd like to look around Derek Hatton's home, to see how badly off he is. I keep photographs on my mantelpiece and my lucky horseshoe.'

(Photograph omitted)