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TODAY a petition will be handed in to 10 Downing Street demanding the release of the Kray twins. Patsy Kensit, Barbara Windsor, Roger Daltrey and members of the casts of EastEnders and London's Burning support the moves to get Reggie Kray let out on parole (Ronnie is in Broadmoor Hospital and cannot be considered for early release until doctors certify he is sane). This week the Candid Caller rang to inquire: have the Krays served their time?

Mr Alan Crook of Northampton: 'I reckon they have served long enough. I can't see any point in keeping them where they are now, it's costing the taxpayer a fortune.'

Mr Jonathan Crook of Colwyn Bay: 'It depends on their state of mind. I think they should continue to be detained. They were thorough villains. No one could do anything with them at the time.'

Mr John Crook of Aylesbury: 'My name's Crook and I was a copper. Ronnie sounds as if he has serious mental problems and if that's the case he shouldn't be let out. I'm not saying he should be kept in a prison but he should be kept in a secure unit. Reggie sounds as though he's reasonably with it, but I'd have to be convinced that all his old ways were behind him and he wouldn't cause any trouble again.'

Mrs Annette Crook of Glasgow: 'They should stop where they are. They were notorious criminals and wouldn't do society any good by being free again.'

Mrs Jill Crook of Leicester: 'I hate to be nave, but I don't know who the Krays are.' '

Mrs Dorothy Crook of Southend- on-Sea: 'I can only vaguely

remember what they did. They've been away long enough and should be released now - not that I would go as far as putting a petition together to campaign for their release.'

Mr Gilbert Crook of Dungannon, Co Tyrone: 'I don't know the detailed background to the case so I just couldn't give an opinion.'

Mr Peter Crook of Churchdown, Gloucestershire: 'I'm fed up with all the sentimental guff about the Krays. They were murderous thugs, bullies of the first order. If anything, they should stay behind bars for ever, as a deterrent to others.'

Mr David Crook of Stockton-on-Tees: 'Reggie should be released, he's certainly served his time. Ronnie's well past his sell-by date, isn't he? If I'd have killed our lass 10 years ago, I'd have been out by now - and I wouldn't be married any more. Put that in your Independent - and don't forget to mention I'm a Sun reader.'