ON Monday, Channel 4 launches its early morning show, The Big Breakfast. Threatening the worst (even best) in undigestible camcorder voyeurism, the production company has bought a two-bedroom des res and is inviting 'ordinary' folk to live in it for a week at a time, in full view of Britain.

This week Candid Caller serves up its own Big Breakfast, posing two questions: if you were invited to stay in the house, would you go; and if the operation was moved next door to you, would you mind?

Ken Egg, in Camberley, Surrey, said: 'Where is it? (Hackney Marshes, east London) I'm not sure I would want people watching me get up on television. I don't watch television in the mornings; I'm probably slightly odd in as much as, unless it's something like golf, I try and resist watching before 6pm. I wouldn't be perturbed if they set up next door.'

Susan Bacon, of Ilkley, West Yorkshire: 'No way] The first thing I want to see in the morning is a cup of tea, absolutely not Paula Yates and Bob Geldof.'

David Chipp, of Victoria, central London: 'Not bloody likely. If they moved in next door, I'd ask for a reduction in the poll tax.'

Diana Breadmore, of Canonbury, north London: 'I wouldn't want to take part or even watch. Paula Yates and Bob Geldof don't immediately spring to mind as the first thing I'd like to see. I wouldn't mind desperately if they set up next door.'

George Crust, of Putney, west London: 'I don't think so, I'm an old man, 80 years old. I won't tune in, the first thing I like to see in the morning is meself in the mirror] If they wanted to move in next door, I wouldn't mind. I wouldn't care, they can do as they like.'

Joan Toase, of Newry, Co Down: 'I honestly don't think I'd agree. The first thing I like to see in the morning is the sea, it's never breakfast television.'

Jack Delmonte, of Holloway, north London: 'Is this a joke, are they doing this? ('Yes') With a camera in the bedroom? ('Everywhere') No, I don't think I could cope.'

Julie Greaves, of Snap-on-Tools, Wetherby, West Yorkshire: 'Yes, I'd go. I don't have a family, but I'd be happy to go along with my friends.'

David Crack, of Chelmsford, Essex: 'No, I wouldn't take part. I'd possibly mind if they started up next door, it would depend what went in.'

Kathleen Poppe, of Rhyl, Clwyd: 'Hang on, I'll ask my husband . . . Yes, he said. But not next week, because we're going away next week] If they turned up next door, I wouldn't mind a bit.'

Patricia Yates, of Portsmouth: 'I wouldn't want to go, no fear] I never watch television in the morning, the first thing I like to see is the milkman coming with my fresh milk. If the TV people moved in next door, I don't think the council would like it.'

Marie Geldon, of Crail, Fyfe: 'No, I definitely wouldn't want to stay there and wake up with everyone watching me. I really don't know what I'd think if they moved in next door.'