WHOSE outstanding contribution to 1992 would make them a likely candidate for a Person of the Year award? This week the Candid Caller posed these two questions: who do you nominate as Person of the Year and who do you think least deserves the title?

Mr A Ward of Peterborough: 'The boxer Lennox Lewis. The last person I'd suggest is Michael Heseltine, King of the Bungle.'

Mr Ronald Merritt of Stoke on Trent: 'Chris Ewbank has done well this year, against the odds. John Major must be Worst Person of the Year for his outstanding contribution to ruining the country.'

Mr Arthur Winner of Leicester: 'I'd suggest two people for the title, Mrs Maringes Munsiff and Mr David Hoffman. They are followers of the Bahai faith, like me, and have done outstanding work to help other people. I can't suggest anyone for under-achieving, we're only encouraged to say those things that are good about people.'

Mr Harold Best of Skegness: 'I'd nominate the boxer Lennox Lewis off the top of my head. I'd say Arthur Scargill should be bottom of the list.'

Mrs Lynnette Favour of Birmingham: 'Bill Clinton, for making it trendy again to be a socialist and giving us all hope. Non-person of the year has to be Norman Lamont, for getting Britain into a right mess.'

Mr David Firsht of Shoreditch, east London: 'The Queen, for all she has had to put up with this year. The last people on earth who deserve the title are any of the Conservatives - John Major, Norman Lamont, take your pick.'

Mrs Christine Last of Manchester: 'I can't think of anyone to nominate as Person of the Year but I'd suggest John Major for the anti-title.'