TO VOTE 'Oui' or not to vote 'Oui', that is the question facing the French tomorrow in the key Maastricht treaty referendum. For the past week, opinion polls on the vital vote have been outlawed in France. Candid Caller's random phone poll, to those with French antecedents, suggests the outcome is too close to call

Colonel Rupet de Larrinaga, on the Isle of Man, said: 'I would vote 'No' to Maastricht because I don't think a federal state with a powerful bureaucracy would be in the interests of the citizen. Democracy would wither away. We're better off with a co-operative relationship between all the countries, working it out as we go along. I think tomorrow the French will probably vote against Maastricht.'

Jane de Nance, of Liverpool, said: 'I would vote 'Yes' - and I would think the outcome tomorrow will also be 'Yes', by a narrow majority.'

Rita de la Mere, of Brighton, said: 'I haven't thought about the referendum too seriously, I don't know the ins and outs of these things. I'm sorry I can't answer a little more intelligently but that's me - if I don't know the facts enough then I'd rather stay very neutral. But if France does vote 'No' it seems funny to think of it suddenly not being in Europe]'

Dorothy de Lisle, of Bournemouth, said: 'I always think I'd say 'No' in a referendum. As far as Britain's concerned, we're getting in too deeply into other people's affairs and losing our own individuality. We're just heading for a lot of trouble. I just have no idea how the French will vote tomorrow - they might surprise us]'

Bill de Witt, of north London, said: 'I would probably vote 'for' or 'yes' because it seems to me that a stronger Europe is needed, not a weaker one. If I were putting money on which way the French will vote, I'd put it on a 'yes' majority.'

Kathleen de Orfe, of Portsmouth, said: 'I wouldn't know how I'd vote because, in Britain, we've had no information about the treaty. There's nothing to guide us or tell us what's going on, though I think a referendum in this country wouldn't go amiss. Tomorrow's referendum vote in France is a 50-50 situation, it could go either way but they (the French) will probably be a little bit biased towards a 'yes' result.'

Kevin de Belle, in Southport, said: 'I'd vote against it because I just don't think it's right for us all to belong to one big state. Russia has gone just the opposite way, though not with too much success, yet] I think the French referendum will be a close-run thing but the 'yes' votes will win the day.'

Charles de Jesus, of south-east London, said: 'I'd vote 'yes' because I believe it would improve the economy over here and be better for everyone. But I think France will vote against it, and I find that quite depressing.'

Marjorie de St Croix, of Cosham, said: 'I'm not sure. I've been reading all the critics in the Daily Mail and it seems it would be a bit of a catastrophe if they (the French) didn't stay with it - so I'd go along with them (the Mail) and vote 'yes' I suppose. Otherwise it will cause such a lot of bother] I think the French will vote 'yes'.'

Anita de Winter, of Liverpool, said: 'I'd vote 'No'. After the news this week about exchange rates I think we're all thoroughly disgusted and disillusioned. The vote in France could go any way now.'