Karl Lagerfeld staged Chanel's annual Metiers d'art show last night in Salzburg.

Chanel staged its Metiers d'art show yesterday at an 18th century Austrian castle.

The Victoria's Secret Angels weren't the only models in action yesterday as the French fashion house staged its annual showcase of the craftsmanship of its many specialist artisans.

The Metiers d'art collections are always staged in a location significant to the house's history or its founder, Coco Chanel. Previous locations include Byzance, Bombay, Dallas and Edinburgh.

For the 2014 show Salzburg was chosen for its connection to Chanel's iconic little black jacket which was designed by Chanel based on a jacket worn by an elevator attendant in Salzburg.

For the clothes that meant an Austrian twist on Chanel signatures; classic colours of white, red and navy were mixed with Alpine inspired hues of forest green. Capes, flared jackets and evening dresses came with bibs and frills.


Chanel really ran with the theme, also choosing the occasion to release an all-singing all-dancing short film starring Pharrell Williams and Cara Delevingne where the duo star as hotel employees who find themselves transformed in Emperor Franz Joseph I and Empress Elizabeth of Austria.

As anticipated Delevingne was the star of the show, closing the catwalk in a tiered white dress. Kendall Jenner also walked in the show, having made a brief appearance at the British Fashion Awards in London on Monday before jetting back in time for the show with Delevingne by way of private plane.