Chantal Thomass launches cell phone accessories

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French lingerie designer Chantal Thomass presented her first collection of mobile phone accessories in Paris February 2 amid fashion's growing fascination with tech gadgets.

Thomass' range includes glossy and rubber iPhone covers as well as velvet and vinyl cases, all in her signature black-and-pink, featuring lingerie themes such as lacing and bows.

A gimmick of the collection is a key-shaped USB stick that can be attached to a necklace.

Japanese fashion brands have long been producing stylish accessories for the cell phone that can be matched to your choice of outfit, and the country's beauty salons are even known to offer manicures to go with your gadget.

With computer manufacturer Dell and beauty brand O.P.I introducing laptop skins matching the latter's nail polish shades and Thomass' move into cell phones, it seems as if Western brands got inspired by these 'practices.'

Other pairings between fashion and technology have resulted in fashion cell phones by brands including Dior, Armani, and Prada. Other designers, such as Gucci, Ralph Lauren, or Donna Karan, are increasingly discovering the mobile device through iPhone applications.

More recently, fashion icon Lady Gaga has been named creative director for a special line of cameras for Polaroid, while US designer Jason Wu is expected to launch his own branded digital cameras during New York Fashion Week later this month.