Platinum rooster hair, leopard skin leggings and spandex silver vests were just some of the fashion atrocities committed by Rod Stewart, as he strutted his way through the nation's consciousness during the 1970s and 1980s. One of his most popular songs was entitled "You Wear It Well". But many would say Rod, generally, didn't. So perhaps it comes as something of a surprise that, deep into the 21st century, the Anglo-Scottish singer has decided to launch his own clothing range.

Visitors to Stewart's official online shop are greeted with a combination of T-shirts, tracksuit tops, babies' bibs and the "official Rod Stewart panties". Sending up his image as a prolific womaniser, the black underwear comes emblazoned with love hearts and the slogan "Isn't it romantic?".

These now languish in the sale section for a mere £2.50. Other items in the women's range include an argyle print T-shirt with Rod's name branded across the chest and a frayed sleeved "Forever Young" top.

Just in case visitors to the website needed reminding of Rod's own style credentials, a smirking photo of the rocker himself peers over the masthead dressed in a blindingly spangly purple and gold striped blazer.

Possibly concerned about his ever-ageing fan base, Stewart also appears keen to spread the gospel of flamboyance to the next generation. A baby bib with the slogan "You're in my heart you're in my soul", and an "All in the name of rock and roll" babygro, form part of the range.

The clothing collection places Stewart in a long line of celebrities who have turned their hands to fashion collections. In recent years Victoria Beckham, Justin Timberlake and a host of others have added their names to clothes ranges.

The singer Amy Winehouse, who also has a penchant for leopard print is said to be in talks about creating a fashion collection of her own.

Jimmy Stephen-Crane, head of the department of textiles and fashion at the Glasgow School of Art, was surprisingly enthusiastic about the Stewart project. "I'm sure Rod's range is all very tongue in cheek," he said. "He is in pretty good nick for a guy of 62 and I think people will want to buy into his products. Personally I think he looks amazing and dresses very well."