Blue Marble Energy, a US organization committed to cutting carbon emissions, has teamed up with Seattle-based perfumery Sweet Anthem to create what it claims to be the first-ever carbon-free fragrance.

Staying true to its declared mission of replacing "oil with fully renewable, carbon neutral alternatives," Blue Marble commissioned the perfumers to use brewery waste - a not very appealing mix of "rancid beer grains, green algae and a 'sludge' consisting of 50,000 different kinds of bacteria" - instead of petroleum for its first fragrance, EOS.

Named after the Greek goddess of the dawn, the scent comes in both a feminine and a unisex version. EOS for Her is "a green bright floral, tea-based scent" and smells of tea rose, sandalwood, green tea, and banana, while the second edition is based on "citrus and cognac with hints of powdery apricot," with additional notes of white ginger and honeysuckle. The perfumes sell online for $30 each.

Eco-conscious beauty fans can find more natural fragrances on sites such as