Facial hair: Cat beards and the purrrsuit of excellence


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Designer stubble’s dead. Save your ’tache for Movember. If you want to get on board with the latest facial-hair fashion, you don’t need to spend hours on grooming. In fact, you don’t even have to be a man. All you need is a cat.

Cat beards, you see, are having a moment – not least because the way you get one is to hold your pet against your face, and I can’t imagine many mogs putting up with that for more than six seconds. Achieve yours by putting your kitty in front of you, getting it to look upwards and having an accomplice take a photo. For a truly realistic-looking cat beard, line up your cat’s snout with your own nose. Then simple post your picture online to join the catbeard army.

Please note, before attempting, that a) your cat is placid, to avoid losing your face and b) holding a cat up in any old way next to your chops simply won’t cut the moustache.

See cat-beard.com/ for inspiration.