GILLI works in Edinburgh. 'I'm a shopkeeper here in Cockburn Street. I like glitz and glamour, even during the day. I always wear make-up. This is my day make-up, and it takes about half an hour to put on.'

DANIEL KRAVINA is a tour director from Udine in Italy, who now lies in Vienna. 'We've been touring Scotland. I got the Australian bush hat in Ballater, near Balmoral Castle. The jacket was bought in Vienna. The trousers are German army fatigue pants - I like them because of the good quality of the cloth.'

Once a unicyclist, DANIEL CRISPIN of Edinburgh is back to see old friends and to try to get a grant to study environmental science and anthropology at Oxford. He also wants to organise a world unicycle championships in Edinburgh in 1995. 'The kilt was a present from my mother: this is only the second time I've worn it. I don't know what tartan it is. The rucksack is a bear my sister gave me. I got the didgeridoo in Lightning Ridge, New South Wales'

ANA ROBERTS is from Wrexham. 'The tie-dyed top came from Affleck's Palace in Manchester. I like the Sixties look, and it only cost about pounds 5. The Levi 501s I dyed navy myself. The boots are from Affleck's and I bought them before everyone else.' MARIE BERTHELON comes from Dijon. 'I like Sixties clothes, too, although these flares are not really Sixties. This is Ana's suede jacket I've borrowed. I love Edinburgh.'

LUCY BOTES is from London, where she lives in a squat. 'Basically I'd say that my clothes reflect my lifestyle. I was given all these clothes, except the tartan shirt. I nicked that. I'm here to enjoy the Fringe and decided to wear these things because they were lying on the floor when I woke up. I like to be as bright and layery as possible.'

PAULINE BAILEY and MARTIN GLYNN are from Birmingham, where they have set up a film, television and video company. Martin has been performing poetry inspired by jazz at Beck's Spiegeltent at the Book Festival. 'Our clothes and jewellery represent different corners of the world: Africa, Asia, the Far East, the Caribbean - even Celtic culture,' says Pauline. 'People wear what they feel comfortable in,' says Martin.

SADIE ANNE STIRZAKER is now a student in London, but she comes originally from Edinburgh. 'I bought the rafia hat in Princes Street this morning. I like to dress in retro style and I buy nearly all my clothes second-hand: this dress cost pounds 4, the waistcoat pounds 6. I'm back in Edinburgh for the festival, staying with my mum.'

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