Organizers of the Abu Dhabi expo said October 27 that they were happy with the event's turn-out so far.

"We were surprised by the number of people who attended our first day," Christopher Hudson, managing director of organizing company Mecom Forums, said. "We've had some serious buyers, such as Harvey Nicks, expressing interest in what was showcased at the exhibition."

The event only drew very limited visitors on its first day (October 26) -- Hudson speaks of "hundreds." However, he says he is "optimistic," because "many trade buyers enjoyed the combination of runways and exhibition, as it not only gave the event a European look, but it gave it a feel of being Middle Eastern and Asian, which made the exhibition refined to suit the market."

Fashion Arabia ends October 28. Designers on site include Kyri Kyriacou, who dresses stars such as Victoria Beckham and Keira Knightly, and Hassan Sheheryay Yasin, who is credited with dressing many Bollywood stars.