Fashion: Relax] It's all up to you ..

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Sitting in a photographer's studio last week watching a queue of young models coming in for a casting, it was clear that, at least for the very young, there has been a definite mood swing. Everyone is wearing short. Everyone is wearing knee-length boots and knitted hats. And everyone at least under-25-year-old-model everyones seems to be revelling in anarchic, mismatched, upbeat dressing. The new silhouette (short and flirty) is much in evidence on the street and is already being seen in glossy magazine fashion shoots, but it is, as yet, hard to find in the shops. So women are improvising. Last seasons long, droopy skirt is being seen to by the scissors turning it into this season's shorty version, still handily teamed with last season/this season/next seasons comfy sloppy Joe.

The effect won't just be felt by the very young. While we started off the winter craving a slightly dour and earnest uniform of dark colours, sensible fabrics and long skirts, the shorty skirt signals a renewed lightness and chirpiness. When skirts went long, we said that things had eased up after the rigours of the tight suit. Now they have gone short, it seems that we are easing up again this time, out of the schoolmistress look, which, lets face it, made few of us feel perky in the morning.

Now is the time to experiment with a more throw-it-on way of dressing. Mix your old floral blouse (bought in a fit of new-age enthusiasm last summer) with layers of cheap knitwear, team that with the new short skirt, thick tights and a pair of sturdy boots and get walking. As you do, sigh with relief that, for once, the way most of us shop (inexpensively) and the way that most of us dress (throw it on), is the look that fashion stylists will be peddling this spring.