Fashion: These are a few of my favourite things: The headteacher: One pair for London and one for Oxford; you can rely on culottes

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Which will it be for Christmas Day: the Armani jacket you bring out on really posh occasions, the glittery party top, or that chunky jumper you found on holiday years ago and love to death? We asked an actress, a headteacher, a nurse and a student to be photographed in the outfits they will be wearing this Christmas, and to tell us about the rest of their wardrobes, from designer items to heirlooms, hand-me-downs, sales bargains and impulse purchases.

Lady Celia Goodhart, 52, is principal of Queen's College, Harley Street, London, which pioneered education for women. She is married to William, a barrister, and has three children. 'Who's Who' lists her recreations as sociability and shopping.

ON Christmas Day I shall wear my black embroidered jumper, which I love. I bought it in Dickins & Jones three years ago for about pounds 100, and I've worn it on every Christmas Day since. I'll also wear my culottes. I have two pairs - one for London and one for our house in Oxford. I live in them: they are so easy to wear and never lose their pleats. Your favourite clothes are the ones you feel good in. The problem is they are usually the ones you pour salad dressing on, aren't they?

We usually spend Christmas in Oxford. This year, we've been invited out to lunch on Christmas Day, so our family meal will be in the evening - something easy, like home-made soup from the freezer and smoked salmon, which is the family passion.

I have two wardrobes in London. They are supposed to be separated into day and evening clothes, but I'm not very efficient at doing this. I like to experiment with styles of skirts, jackets and dresses. I never wear trousers; I haven't got the figure for them. Nobody my shape can feel totally confident about what they wear. I think that's one of the reasons why I've got too many clothes.

I am very bad at throwing them away. Last summer I gave Oxfam a mohair cardigan which I had had since before I was married. I've got two Kurt Geiger jackets - in navy and scarlet - which I've had for 15 years. I do love bright colours, particularly red and purple.

I probably buy about half of my clothes from mail-order catalogues because I don't have the time to go shopping. I bought so many clothes from one catalogue that they refused to send me any more because they thought I was trying to start up a rival business.

My favourite at the moment is a scarlet suit from Selfridges mail order. The skirt has tiny permanent pleats - it's wonderful material because it never loses its shape. In the day I can wear it with a black silk polo neck, and for the evening I can dress it up with jewellery.

I greatly enjoy clothes, which worries my husband. I remember once going to a conference in New Zealand. Afterwards, I went on to Hong Kong, and Willy had to come home. He was very nervous, leaving me in Hong Kong with my credit cards. I had two dresses and jackets made, which have been totally invaluable. I worried about what they cost at the time, but they have paid off over and over again.

I absolutely have to buy my own clothes because of being so large, which is a sadness to me. I would love to be the kind of woman for whom people buy little black dresses.

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