You've seen her in no clothes in a movie, now expect to see her in a few clothes in an advert. Elle Macpherson is starring for the first time in a TV commercial for her lingerie collection, Elle Macpherson Intimates.

Smart siren that she is, the model-turned-actress commissioned the model-turned-photographer Ellen von Unwerth (who is credited with turning a Dusseldorf teenager called Claudia Schiffer into a latterday Bardot) to work on the project.

Filmed at the Plaza hotel in New York, the 60-second commercial sees Elle in her scanties opening her hotel bedroom door to put her room service tray out in the corridor when - whoops] - a gust of wind closes it behind her. Then the adventure begins.

Elle's commercial will no doubt make her lingerie company even more successful. Current turnover in Australia, Elle's mother country and base for the manufacturer, Bendon, is pounds 20m. The company employs 1,500 making Elle's line.

Right now the Elle Macpherson collection is available only in the Southern Hemisphere and the ad will be shown only in Australia. But a major London store is currently considering introducing Elle's smalls to the UK market. Watch this space.

(Photograph omitted)