IF YOU are a keen bargain hunter but have exhausted the possibilities of Camden or Portobello (or rather they have exhausted you), The London Market Guide is the answer. For the rest of the summer, you can explore markets selling clothing from Battersea High Street to Woolwich. And if you have overdosed on bargain hunting, and want to sell your surplus, the guide gives advice on who to contact if you want to get a stall.

Written, designed, photographed and published by Andrew Kershman and Susi Koch, Kershman even distributed the guide - by bike.

During six months research, Kershman accumulated both information and bargains. 'I've got a great wardrobe now,' he says,

'but I didn't spend much.'

The London Market Guide is on sale at WH Smiths around London and good bookshops. For mail order, send pounds 3.99 to Metro Publications, PO Box 6336, London N1 6PY. Allow two weeks for delivery.