JEAN PAUL Gaultier knows how to throw a good party. In Paris, he showed his spring 1993 men's collection at La Cigalle, a nightspot on the edge of the Pigalle district, then turned the catwalk auditorium into a dance floor and held a Love Ball.

Boy George, who did a turn on the catwalk for Gaultier, sang to the guests as they chomped on a series of genitalia-shaped canapes. Michael Hutchence, lead singer of INXS, groped his girlfriend-model, Helena Christiansen. Dancers in Gaultier's celebrated conical bustiers frolicked under the spotlights.

The bash was to launch Gaultier's new collection of jeans, which will sell for about pounds 70 a pair. Gaultier Junior, his lower-priced range, will in future concentrate on basic stretch clothing. Not that anyone at the party was particularly interested: they were having too much fun.

(Photograph omitted)