He's big all over Manhattan, and was up on Calvin Klein's massive show time video indicating that little Kate Moss was what would come between him and his Calvins, but the Calvin Klein connection is soon to be over for Marky Mark.

The rapper and underwear poster boy's contract runs out in December and will not be renewed. Marky Mark's alleged homophobic statements have resulted in demonstrations and crate-loads of used underwear being dumped at Calvin Klein's New York headquarters.

Leading contenders to slither into their Calvins' for the new ads are Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt and Woody Harrelson.

Meanwhile, the background of twice-married Mr Calvin Klein, who once told Playboy magazine that everybody he wanted to have, he'd had, is to come under scrutiny when a controversial and unauthorised biography called Obsession, The Life and Times of Calvin Klein finally comes out. Written by Sharon Churcher and Steven Gaines (the latter the author of the no-holds-barred Simply Halston, which catalogued the wild life of the late American designer who died three CHQ years ago of AIDS related causes), Obsession promises to be the book Calvin and Kelly Klein hope you won't read -- which means of course that everybody can't wait to see a copy. But wait we must. Publication has been put back until 1994, some say because Klein's powerful friends have put pressure on publishers to stear clear of it.

Meanwhile the biography of Gia, the top American model who died of AIDS, is to become a movie. Julia Roberts and Cindy Crawford (who started her career dubbed as Baby Gia) are said to be vying for the lead while Eric Bogosian, script writer of the film Talk Radio has been commissioned to turn Stephen Fried's book into an "in your face" script. The producer is Jean Kirkwood, who produced The Pope of Greenwich Village and New York, New York.

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