IN CASE you have been hiding your bosoms under a bushel, busts are 'in'. The Wonderbra and its competitors have given the Nineties' silhouette an upwards boost; haute couturiers have included serious bust padding within jackets and model and movie stars are looking more and more like Jessica Rabbit. Meanwhile, real women are showing more underwear then ever before, whether it be a full-frontal tipping out of a bra or the hint of fresh white lace under a summer frock.

So it is no surprise that every international fashion mag you can lift this month has a 'celebration of the bra' piece within it. What is surprising, and encouraging, is how quick off the mark the Cancer Research Campaign has been at keying into the bust talk. A new advertisement for the charity is timely rather than terrifying: 'Do more for your breasts than any bra can. Examine them.' So do it, girls. It takes only a few minutes longer than it takes to adjust your assets to sit pretty in all the great lingerie currently in the shops.

(Photograph omitted)