Fashion Update: Cool reception

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THERE are always a few monsters - fashion folk call them Fashion Don'ts - at the collections. A gold star this season then to Katharine Hamnett, who slyly slipped in a pair of leg-warmers as part of her show. The Italians, who perhaps didn't wear them in 1976, didn't flinch. The Brits did.

We weren't that keen on the return of the white stiletto either - this time reinvented by the elegant house of Gucci. For next winter, Gucci is suggesting we exchange the snaffle-bit loafer for a spiky, three-inch-heeled stiletto, complete with snaffle on the front.

Not quite the footwear that real Gucci customers would find practical for tramping about country lanes. And, in any case, surely the new white versions are much more Sharon than Charlotte.