You've seen The Dress. You've seen Elizabeth Hurley in The Dress and you've seen the high street knock-offs of The Dress. We are talking, of course, about the safety-pinned numero by Gianni Versace that has spawned imitations and raised quite a few eyebrows.

Now's your chance to see the cheapest ever version of The Dress - possibly under pounds 25 - and to help Oxfam's fund-raising efforts for Rwanda at the same time. On 24 August 1pm the Oxfam Drury Lane shop will be holding a fashion show featuring recycled versions of current fashions. Fake fur, cropped shirts and sleek Seventies clothes (all de rigueur this autumn) will also be on show. Celebrities are promised including glam popster Sarah Cracknell of St Etienne and Miranda Richardson. Liz Hurley is doing a photoshoot that day (isn't she always these days) but has promised to make an appearance if she can.