JOANNA LUMLEY has only just replaced her image of the high-kicking, Seventies siren Purdey with the heavy-drinking high-hairdo'ed Patsy when it seems the Purdey pudding-basin haircut is on the verge of a comeback.

At last week's Paris shows, the model Amber Valletta had had her blonde tresses teased into a page-boy cut that smacked of The New Avengers meets choirboy Aled Jones (at least, as he used to look).

Valletta's roller-brush blow-dry struck fear into the hearts of many who spent hours rolling their hair round the back of a brush the first time around, which of course she didn't - in 1976, she was still in diapers and anyway, The New Avengers wasn't a big deal in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Neither, apparently, was Aled Jones. 'Aled Who?' drawled Ms Valletta.

But the bigger question; does this mean that in 20 years' time we'll be sporting spun sugar Patsy hairdos? Fashion folk take note: the new series of Absolutely Fabulous starts tonight on BBC1 at 9.30pm.

(Photograph omitted)