CLAIRE NORWOOD is being touted as the next Jimmy Choo and has already made shoes (including a pair of neon yellow patent leather stilettos) for Vogue. As well as making bespoke shoes, she will give your old shoes a new lease of life by customising them.

Although her shoes are hand-made and therefore labour intensive, she is trying to keep prices accessible - they start at pounds 90. Flight-of-fantasy creations, such as the ones with leather sunflowers and heels carved out of beech wood, cost about pounds 190. Norwood likes the unusual, and has used old leather coats and jeans for materials. She also sculpts around the foot using metallic silk organza.

'My one-off shoes can be anything,' she says, 'as long as it's technically possible.' And when they start to wear out, Norwood will give them a makeover.

Claire Norwood's shoes are available at North Wing, 398 St John Street, London EC1; for details tel 071-837 2355.