HE LIKES showing his underpants but he isn't built like Marky Mark. Instead he's got bug eyes, spindly legs and a body like an old sock.

He has his own fashion collection of baseball caps, golf bags, watches plus a no-holds-barred autobiography called One Frog Can Make a Difference. It's Kermit Clein. In a poster campaign worthy of Calvin Klein, Kermit the Frog is staging a comeback by posing with his Y-fronts round his waist and jeans on his hips. The posters are currently only available in the US, although Kermit's creator, The Henson Corporation, is currently 'in conversation' about distribution in the UK.

And it is one of a series. Other posters include a parody of The Gap ads, starring Miss Piggy under the headline 'Pig' and a luscious Miss Piggy reclining in her scanties for 'Pigtoria's Secrets'.

(Photograph omitted)