FASHION faux pas from the otherwise faultlessly polite actor Hugh Grant. 'Ciao Gianni,' he shouted cheerily to a stubble- faced Italian he took to be his host at Gianni Versace's post-show party. 'No. I'm Santo,' said Gianni's somewhat irked brother, the company's business brains. A clue for next time, Hugh - your host is the one who has just given his regal wave from the catwalk, and who is usually surrounded by a bevvy of catwalk goddesses. Santo, who always appears to be in the act of totalling up how much each fashion fest is costing, is the one with the frown. Oh, and Donatella is the one in the shortest skirt in the room.

Meanwhile, Hugh's other half, Elizabeth Hurley, now has everyone in Great Portland Street panting. But we are not talking about her sexual allure. That safety- pinned Versace dress was knocked off and out in the stores within days of Hurley's memorable wearing of it. Rumour has it that the rag trade boys are currently stockpiling fake snakeskin, rippling chain mail and cheap rhinestones. Hurley's next order?