Fashion Update: Naomi experiences a mood swing

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WE ALL know how much a supermodel costs these days, but what price a supermermaid? Valentino wouldn't tell how much he paid Naomi Campbell to spend the whole of his Oliver show on a swing, wearing a coral encrusted bikini over a striped sheath dress ending in a mermaid tail.

'We paid naathing,' said Mr Valentino's press attache Carlos Souza conspiratorially, 'You know, we wanted Claudia Schiffer, but you wouldn't believe her price. Then we said no, her agent then said yes, and we said too late. We've signed a siren instead.'

But how much? dollars 10,000? Souza giggled: 'I won't tell you daaahling, but she's worth it.' Whatever the deal, that tail ensured Naomi was unable to storm off the stage in one of those legendary tantrums that everyone in Milan is waiting for her to throw.