WITH models vying for the big screen (Naomi is rumoured to be in movie talks, Cindy is reported to be up for the lead in Death of a Supermodel and Christy has a television docu-drama of her life coming out in the United States in February), are actresses trying to claim model territory? Latest gossip is that young screen goddess Uma Thurman (of Mad Dog and Glory, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues and of a recent Vogue cover) is to front a new perfume for Chanel. If the deal is concluded, she will join the ranks of Chanel actresses: Ali McGraw, Catherine Deneuve and Carole Bouquet. Chanel is saying nothing, but perhaps Carole Bouquet - the face of Chanel No 5 since 1986 - is bored with a contract that demands she turn up at all those shows.

Chanel is not alone in courting actresses - Gianfranco Ferre at Christian Dior has Isabelle Adjani on hand, while Valentino loves Sharon Stone so much he lured her into a catwalk turn (some said it was a mistake). Here, good old Yardley has signed Helena Bonham Carter as the acceptable face of the old English brand.

So what next, Emma Thompson replacing Cindy Crawford as the Charlie girl?