Fashion Update: The making of a gritty image

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LEVI STRAUSS transformed jeans advertising on television in the Eighties. This month the company has taken a new tack with the launch of an eye-catching poster campaign.

However, the black-and-white images of a body against pebbles, rocks and the sea are far from new. They were photographed in the Fifties by Bill Brandt on the East Sussex coast and in the south of France.

The striking campaign, devised by Bartle Bogle Hegarty (which does all the TV commercials), is designed to heighten awareness of the full range of fits in Levi's red tab range. Brandt's shot of intertwined fingers is matched with the 511 zip fly; a pair of loosely clasped hands with the 518 loose fit; a woman's back with the 536 girl's fit.

The campaign also serves as a taster for an upcoming Bill Brandt exhibition at the Barbican Art Gallery, London (30 September-12 December), which will be sponsored by Levi Strauss.