THE LATEST designer accessory is a flower. You've worn the clothes, dabbed on the fragrance, applied the lipstick and the skin cream, worn the jewellery and smoked the cigarettes - from today you can also carry a bouquet bearing the legend Yves Saint Laurent.

To celebrate 10 years of the Saint Laurent fragrance Paris, the French rose experts Meilland have grown a rose in tribute. Called Paris d'Yves Saint Laurent, it will be christened tonight by the traditional method of dabbing it with champagne.

Lucie de la Falaise, the 'face' of the Paris fragrance, will do the dabbing with, hopes the House of Yves Saint Laurent, the reclusive master himself in attendance - 'but we are not sure'. Meilland has in the past created a rose in tribute to that other Saint Laurent devotee, Catherine Deneuve.

Paris d'Yves Saint Laurent will be available from tomorrow from chic, smart and expensive French florists.