Kate Moss and actor Billy Kennedy in The Boy in the Dress / PA

Fashion and TV join forces this Christmas as the British supermodel makes a cameo in the 'touching' TV production

Supermodel Kate Moss and Vogue magazine both make cameos in David Walliams' Christmas production for BBC.

After her successful appearance on Channel 4's Gogglebox in aid of Stand Up for Cancer, Moss is back on TV. This time, for the TV adaptation of Walliams’ children’s book The Boy In The Dress, which is to be shown on BBC One as part of its festive schedule.

The British author and comedian chose the 40-year-old supermodel as the "dream girl" that catches the eye of his lead character, young Dennis, and Vogue as the publication where he spots her.

In the production described by Walliams himself as a “letter to Vogue”, he portrays Dennis as the little boy who's bored of his life and wants to live in a different world, "so he walks to the newsagents and is drawn to the cover of Vogue magazine," Walliams told Vogue. "It couldn't have been anything else, Vogue is so iconic... It really reflects my own love of Vogue and all things fashion."

Moss in The Boy in the Dress wearing a Vivienne Westwood scarlet dress

Dennis, played by 13-year-old Billy Kennedy, sees then Moss in his dreams, who appears dancing with him in the fantasy sequence wearing a Vivienne Westwood scarlet dress, Manolo Blahnik heels and David Morris diamond earrings, alongside an all-star cast including Jennifer Saunders and The Inbetweeners’ James Buckley.

The sequence took reportedly four hours and a half to shoot and it seems she was a dream to work with. "Kate Moss was on amazing form on the day of filming, she came in with her agent and was just a dream to work with, she literally charmed everyone, especially our little star Billy Kennedy," a BBC source revealed to theTelegraph

This, however, is not Moss’ first acting job. She recently appeared on Channel’s 4 Gogglebox alongside Naomi Campbell and Liam Gallagher. Also, in 2006 she appeared on-stage as ‘chav’ Katy Pollard alongside Matt Lucas’ Vicky Pollard in the infamous Little Britain sketch in aid of Comic Relief and in 2012 in a Sport Relief special.

Moss and Walliams, who’s married to Dutch supermodel Lara Stone, are believed to be good friends, and he has even written a book for her daughter Lila.

Kate Moss and actor Billy Kennedy in The Boy in the Dress

Talking about The Boy in the Dress, he said: "My story is of a little boy at school that dresses up as a little girl, so it's more challenging for some. But luckily the world is changing and attitudes are changing - it's certainly different from when I was at school.  I had tears in my eyes watching some of the other actors' scenes, they were so moving. It's about difference and people accepting that people are different."

The Boy in the Dress airs on Boxing Day at 6.55pm.