Looking for a jean unlike any other? New North Korean label (yes, you read that right) Noko will launch 1,000 pairs of its first denim collection at Stockholm fashion store PUB December 4. For the moment, there are only two models available, costing around $215.



It took Swedish founders Jacob Åström, Tor Rauden Källstigen and Jakob Ohlsson two and a half years from the first email to the country's manufacturers to the final product, which will be the first step towards a more elaborate offering planned for the near future.

There will be "more jeans, a new collection including other types of clothes and many other exciting things," Noko said in a statement.

The designers' first models, called Maneuvers In The Dark, can be purchased at pub.se or via the label's website nokojeans.com.

Site: www.nokojeans.com / www.pub.se