US fast-fashion retail chain Forever 21  is ready to release its eagerly awaited 'Love and Beauty' range November 8.

A sneak peek of the collection on the store's website confirms that the range will feature brushes and makeup, including mascara in purple, cobalt blue and black, a smokey eyeshadow palette, lipgloss and glitter eyeliners in silver and cobalt blue -- a trendy product line that goes well with the retailer's clothes.

Prior to the launch, Forever 21 just sold the occasional lipgloss. But Swedish competitor H&M has been selling its own makeup range for a long time, Spanish Zara even features house-brand fragrances, and UK retail giant Topshop announced its own beauty line for spring next year, so it seems likely that most high street chains will shortly follow suit.

To promote 'Love and Beauty,' Forever 21 gives away a free lipgloss for every online shopping spree worth more than $75 before November 8. After the launch, shoppers will be able to enter the code MAKEUP10 in order to get 10 percent off their beauty buys.