Forget bad hair days this fall: the hat is back

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After spring's time-consuming braiding trend, you will be happy to hear that you won't have to worry much about hair come next fall: just put on a hat or a headscarf, as seen at these Paris shows.

While headpieces and Alice bands have been popular since last year and will be worn all throughout spring, designers took the trend further this season, forgetting about hair altogether, covering it under big hats or scarves.

There was hardly a model at Jean Paul Gaultier's show who walked the runway without some form of headgear, ranging from turbans to artfully wrapped headscarves and hoods, while Viktor & Rolf mixed leather baseball caps with their avant-garde evening outfits.

John Galliano gave his models giant bows made of hair and oversized fur hats (he also showed top hats at Dior), Sonia Rykiel replaced last season's side berets with girly pom-poms, and Vivienne Westwood's girls wore everything from cartoonesque crowns to Robin Hood-inspired caps.

Could it be that the Mad Hatter is to blame for the hat's comeback? Alice in Wonderland has impacted on beauty trends ranging from peroxide hair as seen on White Queen Anne Hathaway to curly hair as worn by Red Queen Helena Bonham Carter.

Could also be, however, that it often rains in fall. And hats make sense when it rains.