A Paris-based website has launched a competition offering the winner a one-month tour of seven world cities with a shopping budget of 10,000 euros (15,000 dollars), business class travel and luxury accommodation.

The winner for what Letsbuyit.com is calling the "Second Best Job in the World" will have to keep a blog, find the best bargains, and compare shopping cultures in Berlin, Hong Kong, London, Milan, New York, Paris and Tokyo.

In May, Briton Ben Southall won a "Best Job in the World" competition organised by a local tourism agency in Australia to work as a caretaker on an idyllic island. The contest drew 34,000 candidates from 200 countries.

Candidates for the shopping competition have until December 14 to submit a video and a resume explaining their suitability for the one-month job of "international shopping consultant," which will include a 5,000-euro salary.