From pop singer to designer: Rita Ora launches collection for Adidas Original

The Radioactive singer gets her hands on designing a capsule collection

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British pop star Rita Ora has launched a capsule collection for Adidas Originals inspired by thrift shopping in London’s Portobello Road.

Ora is best known for her singing abilities however, she’s clearly multi-talented.

The Radioactive singer has already proved her fashion prowess with her unique sense of style and trademark red lips, and now thanks to this collaboration with Adidas can add fashion designer to her ever expanding skill set.

The collaboration is a five-story collection: Black, Pastel, Colour Block Pack, Spray and Roses. They all cover three seasons, represent different styles and involve revealing gym gear, neon colours, leather, hoods and flower prints.

Rita said: "The collaboration came about through mutual love and appreciation. I have always been a fan of adidas Originals and respect what they stand for in their fearlessness and originality.”

Although Adidas is a sports brand, it has made a name for itself for it’s more fashionable collaborations with designers and high-street brands like Topshop.

Ora’s collection, called #Unstoppable, mixes traditional work-out wear with more fashionable pieces that could be incorporated into a day to day wardrobe.

Eveningwear hasn’t been left out either, Rita wore a satin floral jumpsuit from the collection for a star-studded after party to celebrate the launch yesterday.

The pop star has been teasing fans with drawings and photos from her new line on social media using the hashtag #unstoppable and on internet with a promotional video that sees her saying: “Goodbye barriers and obstacles. So long to everything holding me back. Believe in yourself and you can become anything.”

The multi-talented 23-year-old told Vogue: "I have a whole different form of respect for designers now. There's a lot that goes into it that I just didn't think about when I used to just wear clothes."

This is not the first time that the pop star has got involved with the fashion and beauty industry, she has collaborated with Rimmel London, luxury scarf label Charlotte Simone and DKNY, but this is the first time she has designed an extensive capsule collection.

Ora immersed herself in the world of Adidas to create this collection properly. She visited the brand’s factories in Germany and even went to a fashion school in London.

Rita Ora at the launch party of her collection for adidas Originals

She said: “I worked very closely with adidas Originals to put a personal touch in every piece with connections to my music, my career and my life. I’m really proud of the collection and beyond excited for my fans to get their hands on it!"

Prices for the collection range from £22 and £425.