The problem with Paul Mitchell Luxury Hair Care products is they're so good that everyone wants to grab them. "They're never where you left them." Fortunately the Paul Mitchell four-step system is so quick and simple that you have enough time to hunt around, and still end up with great looking hair
Look good, feel good

7.00am and the alarm goes. An important meeting today. You know you need to look good, but do you have the time or the energy to wash and style your hair? And to make matters worse you can't find your conditioner. Sounds familiar? It's bad enough borrowing it, but please, please put it back where you found it. It drives you mad. Know the feeling?

Running out of time and your hair's still not done?

Paul Mitchell is a four-step system originally created to save time and effort when styling both in the hairdressers and at home. Hair care like skin care - a system you come to depend on.

A simple four steps. Single shampoo, leave-in conditioner, a few drops of `Hair Sculpting Lotion' for quick styling and your favourite Paul Mitchell luxury finishing product. Just try it.

Shampoo your hair with a single application of your favourite Paul Mitchell shampoo, towel dry. Apply Paul Mitchell's leave-in `The Conditioner' then add a few "magic drops" of `Hair Sculpting Lotion' through the hair. Then simply style and finish with your favourite Paul Mitchell products. They work on wet or dry hair. See and feel the difference. Paul Mitchell, easy to use.

Time for another cup of tea?

The Paul Mitchell Luxury Hair Care System

Shampoo One

A luxurious shampoo made especially for normal to fine, fragile, coloured and permed hair. Shampoo One offers a gentle, effective cleanse. Beautifully mild, a shampoo for body and shine without leaving unwanted build-up. Wet hair thoroughly. Pour a fifty pence sized amount of Shampoo One into the palm of your hand, rub hands together and work into hair. Rinse thoroughly.

The Conditioner

Even the healthiest hair requires daily attention. The Conditioner is an amazing no-rinse, leave-in conditioner. It's non-greasy so it's wonderful for everyday use. Containing Awapuhi extract this product will penetrate the hair without leaving build-up. Pour a ten pence sized amount of The Conditioner into the palm of your hand. Rub hands together and massage throughout hair.

Hair Sculpting Lotion

Suitable for all hair types a few "magic drops" of this versatile styling lotion adds body, shine and control and helps save time when styling. Apply after The Conditioner or Paul Mitchell's The Detangler. Pour a few drops of Hair Sculpting Lotion into the palm of your hand and massage through the hair from roots to tip. For blow dries that last longer - lift, bounce and feel. Comb through and style. See and feel the difference.



So easy to use. Sculpting Foam helps give your hair direction, moisture and style. This luxury styling foam offers protection and control, helps eliminate frizz and protects against damage from styling tools. To apply, shake the can well, turn completely upside down to dispense a palmful of this luxury foam. Apply close to the roots for maximum volume.

For extra hold and shine complete your look using your favourite Paul Mitchell finishing products.