Marni for H&M launches tomorrow

Tomorrow, chaos is bound to ensue when the Marni for H&M collaboration is released, so read our guide to getting a piece of cut-price designer booty

Be social... and have a list

Around 1,200 people entered a competition H&M ran on Twitter in which 22 people won the chance to shop for 10 minutes before the rest of the public. Antonia Kraskowski will be first through the door of one of the Oxford Street stores. She says: "I make a list of items that I really want so that I'm not dawdling."

Pick your battleground

Yes, the flagship is likely to have the most volume of stock and the biggest choice, but at a smaller regional store you may have less competitive customers to contend with.

It's a small world

This is a global launch, so even if you're out of the country, you won't necessarily miss out.

Get there really early...

The first two hours are set aside for the first few hundred at the front of the queue. And since shoppers lining up outside the London branches the night before the Versace for H&M collection went on sale, you may want to dig out your sleeping bag now.

... or really late

New stock won't be delivered, but a seven-day return period means that popping in to your local store a few days after the launch could unearth some top-notch returns.

Though you may not have to wait that long

Kraskowski has shopped two H&M collaborations so far. "The tills in Selfridges were in the men's section, so I mingled. As the queue grew, shoppers dumped items as they waited so I was able to score a leather-studded Versace jacket without really trying."