An Iranian tailor shows how to tie a tie in a matter of seconds / LiveLeak

A novel solution to an undeniably knotty issue

When tied well, a tie can be a thing of beauty. Yet for many the various folds, flips, twists and tucks required can be a bit of a daunting prospect.

If you have been tempted to don a tie but put off by the faff of actually assembling the thing, help is finally at hand.

A tailor in Tehran has been filmed demonstrating an extraordinary technique that makes tying a traditional half-windsor knot a breeze.

The video footage, uploaded to LiveLeak, shows the man twisting the tie twice over one hand, making a loop and then passing the loose end through it – a process which, not including dramatic pauses, takes no more than a few seconds.

Astounded online commentators are comparing the video to the ground-breaking work, “How To Fold a T-shirt in 2 Seconds”, which has been viewed more than 7.6 million times.

Twitter users asked whether there was “sorcery” or “voodoo” at work after watching the clip, and Dan Kemp admitted: “I've been tying ties wrong my whole life…”

An apparently angry user, @Neinballgamer, expressed frustration with his own upbringing by saying: “Why didn't anyone ever teach me how to tie a tie this way?”

Yet not everyone was as convinced of the technique displayed – or at least able to recreate it effectively. Javier Arias-Borque tweeted to say that he had watched the video “15 times” without success. “:-(,” he added.