How to wear pink for autumn/winter 2015

Pastel shades are not just for fair weather, this season they take hold for autumn too

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Bad news for those whose sartorial tastes err on the dark side; forget all thoughts of dressing in swathes of black and berry because this autumn/winter it’s sugary shades of bubblegum pink that are dominating the trends.

Pink is usually a colour associated with spring and it’s not hard to understand why; saccharine shades are far easier to get on board with when they go hand in hand with the season’s vibrant days.

If any more evidence is needed for the dominance of the shade this season, there can be no better advocate for the colour than Miuccia Prada herself, who made the colour a centrepiece of her autumn/winter collection.

So popular has the look proved that it has already appeared on no less than five magazine covers, including two leading September issues, further cementing the trend as one of the key looks characterising the season.


Mrs Prada went the whole nine yards with her take on the “princess in pink” look – think jewel embellishment, bows and even a pair of opera-length gloves. But despite the girly connotations of the colour that’s not the only direction to take with the trend.

Simple tailored pieces are the easiest way to incorporate tonal shades of pink into your wardrobe without feeling like an extra from a Disney film.

Keeping the outfit fuss-free is key; a shift dress or A-line skirt paired with a simple blouse will keep the look feeling contemporary.

Shade is also an important consideration. Pale shades work best on darker complexions while sugary bright colours are best on paler skins to avoid a washed-out effect. For total commitment to the trend a coat will be the savviest investment and there’s no shortage of them on the market, with versions available at every retailer from Marks & Spencer to Asos.