Bobby Fox and Miranda Kerr sing Elvis Presley’s You’re the Boss / Warner Music Australia


First Gisele Bündchen appeared singing for H&M’s summer 2014 campaign, now her former Victoria’s Secret Angel colleague, Miranda Kerr, has released a new single.

The supermodel becomes a sassy songstress in a rendition of Elivis Presley’s hit You’re The Boss, alongside Irish crooner Bobby Fox.

The duo got together for the cover of Elvis' and Swedish actress and singer Ann-Margaret Olsson’s single from1964.

News of Kerr’s move into the music industry was revealed in February when Fox tweeted: “I convinced @mirandakerr to record a little song with me for my album”.

Now the result from their studio time together is revealed. The official music video, recorded in New York last October, won’t be released until 4 May on Australia’s Chanel Seven, but the tune is available for all to hear.

However, like Bündchen, this is not Kerr’s first attempt at singing. In 2012 the Australian model appeared singing in Japanese in a Lipton’s ice tea advert.

In You're the Boss, the 31-year-old supermodel reaches the high notes of the classic track with her signature sultry voice resonant throughout the tune.

The Jersey Boys star, Mr Fox, opens the duet with the first line: “When it comes to twistin’, I just got to keep insistin’… Oh baby, you sure do swing.” Then Miss Kerr joins in with her seductive lyrics: “When it comes to twistin’ I just got to keep insistin’… Oh daddy hey, you are the King.”

The promotional photograph shows the supermodel channelling a vintage Marilyn Monroe style look in a flowing satin gown that falls off her shoulders, while the bold curled hair-do is similar to Ann-Margaret’s.

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