With the gift-giving season drawing closer, fathers, husbands and boyfriends around the world are dreading finding that slender package under the Christmas tree that reveals a lack of insight and, perhaps even worse, a last-minute afterthought.

But receiving a necktie this year does not have to be a disappointment on a par with discovering that Father Christmas does not exist.

Japanese designer Eiko Nishida has created neckties that convey a powerful message - just as long as you can read them.

Each of her range of 100 percent silk Deco Ties includes a message spelled out in Japanese braille in Swarovski crystals - but other phrases can be made to order in other languages.

"I was thinking about how braille can make a bigger impact on everyday life and it occurred to me that in Japanese companies, people are not quite bold enough to say what is on their mind out loud, so instead of opening their mouths, they can now let their ties speak for them instead," Nishida told Relaxnews

"I'm taking a half-day off - so what?" is one message that is spelled out on her ties, along with such other homilies as "This project is mine" and "Overtime - bring it on!"

"If you are wearing your power suit to the important meeting, you have your power shoes on, all you need is the power tie as the finishing touch to show off just how ready you are," said Nishida.

Many of the statements that she has incorporated into ties are the result of brainstorming sessions with her friends, but messages can also be made to order - as long as they are not too long and take up the entire length of the tie, she said.

Other phrases that have found themselves embedded in ties include "I'm taken," "I'm the happiest guy in the world" and "I rule!"

Another message that might be appropriate at this time of over-indulgence reads "Watch out for that beer belly!"

"I have always been interested in drawing hands and I'm working on an art project and exhibition for next year that includes the use of sign language," said Nishida.

The ties are available in 12 colors through her website: http://www.cooltiger.net/dt.html - and cost Y9,450 (€71.24).