Jen has something Angelina doesn't have

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Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston will launch her first signature fragrance.

While it will be easy to joke about the name of the organization behind the launch - the Falic Fashion Group - its executives will be the last to laugh: the Aniston fragrance will follow their first big coup, Eva Longoria Parker's first scent, due out in April. Both actresses are known for their high popularity and ability to sell.

Aniston's arch nemesis (at least if tabloids are to be believed), Angelina Jolie, has previously been in talks with beauty giant Coty to launch her first fragrance, but to no substantiation so far. Instead, she was named the face of Armani fragrances last year.

Celebrity fragrances are often snubbed by critics but, as so often the case, prove popular with the masses, with Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds being the internationally highest-selling of all time.

Big celebrity scent launches anticipated for this year include the one by the aforementioned Eva Longoria Parker as well as the first signature perfumes for musicians Rihanna and Kanye West.