Models showcase Junya Watanabe's creations at Paris Fashion Week / AFP/Getty Images

Other-worldly collection showcased on models in space helmets

Breton stripes and biker jackets are something of a Junya Watanabe signature - so far as the avant garde Japanese designer has one. And they were both present in his spring/summer collection, although these too were turned on their head.

The latter as trompe l'oeil T-shirts with shoulder pads of PVC discs, fusing into skirts patchworked from more of the same at the hem.  Another of Watanabe's skills, that patchwork - some leather, some felted wool, some glitter shiny - made up most of the collection working through as it did geometric shapes and multiple colours - vibrant yellow, pink, red and blue as well as monochrome.

There were also experiments with tubular shaped, black and white geometric pattern dresses which encased arms to the elbows and had drawstring ties around the neck.

Plastic space helmets, a patch of bright colour laminating the lid and lashes of just one eye on each model and a square of plastic painted with red lips sealing each mouth added to the other-worldliness of the collection.

Rather than show a jumble of multiple ideas and hope one sticks, Watanabe has the confidence to keep things (relatively) simple and instead explore each and every hidden corner that arises, and his work is all the better for it.