Kate Moss / AFP/Leon Neal

After dubious sites had been calling on internet users to name the first Kate Moss bag, there is now offical explanation of the craze: Women's Wear Daily reports that the British supermodel will release her own line of handbags for Longchamp February 11.

Rather than a one-off celebrity-endorsed line, a phenomenon that has become common and maybe too common recently, the French luxe brand is aiming for a more long-term partnership with two collections per year.

Moss, who posed in the label's ads for years, reportedly worked with Longchamp's creative director Sophie Delafontaine to create the bags. Russian model Sasha Pivovarova has taken over as the brand's spokesmodel.

It is not the first time that Kate Moss ventures into design: the business woman has proven a profitable asset to Topshop in the past. And she's not a completely new face at Longchamp either: back in 2007, she "helped add the final design touches" to the patent-leather Legend bag.