Kim Kardashian West lands another Vogue cover

The reality TV star is on the cover of Vogue Australia's February issue.

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Kim Kardashian West stars on the February cover of Australian Vogue, in the latest high fashion coup for the star.

Unlike her previous Vogue cover shoot where she featured alongside husband Kanye West (American Vogue), this is Kardashian West's first solo cover for the fashion magazine.

It's also uncharacteristically reserved with not a champagne glass a la Paper magazine or bleached eyebrow in sight (Love magazine).

The shoot took place on the south coast of New South Wales shot by photographer Gilles Bensimon and style by Christine Centenera.


"At Vogue, we are passionate about featuring women who we are inspired by or fascinated with. Kim’s fame is a modern phenomenon, and I find that fascinating. She is disciplined, sober and professional at work and there are no diva antics on set." Said Edwina McCann, editor-in-chief of Edwina McCann.

"I think Kim Kardashian is both overtly and covertly an extraordinary marketer. She has made a small fortune selling “brand Kim”, which says more about all of us and the times and societies we are living in than it does about her. She has turned living famously into a job. And that is fascinating."


In an interview which features alongside the shoot, Kardashian West talks candidly about her style evolution of the years, she tells the magazine:

“I think my style was like, extremely trendy, and I would go with anything that was popular and want to get it right away and have the same thing in every colour, and now I’m just a lot more simple. Since I had a baby I feel a little empowered from going through body changes; it’s really made me feel confident.”


“I feel confident in my skin and my style right now. I love being able to meet designers and have them custom-make pieces and feel proud to step out and wear something that I feel good in.”

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