As part of the 35th anniversary celebrations of Hello Kitty, stylist GK Reid, pop phenomenon Lady Gaga, and toymaker Sanrio have released a series of photographs, showing Gaga in custom-made Kitty costumes.

On the pictures, currently on display at the Three Apples birthday exhibition in Los Angeles, the singer can be seen sporting fake, painted eyes looking just like Hello Kitty's, a dress completely made of toy versions of the cartoon-style cat, and a glittery necklace in shape of the cat's face -- worn around her waist -- that was especially made for her by a jeweler.

The images were shot by celebrity photographers Markus Klinko & Indrani, who have worked with stars like David Bowie and Jay-Z, after the pair approached Sanrio for their upcoming television reality series Double Exposure, which will air in the US on Bravo from January. According to a Sanrio spokesperson, the shoot is rumored to be part of the first episode.

"Sanrio and Lady GaGa's camp thought this was the perfect opportunity to finally come together for the collaboration - the shoot would be a perfect segment for the show, and they could create this special photo shoot for ‘Three Apples' as well," she said.

Gaga will also use the pictures for a special edition of her successful album The Fame.

The Three Apples celebration, taking place at Royal/T in Culver City through November 15, also features the Hello Kitty Art Show, a pop-up shop, product retrospective and an installation of the cat's fictional appartment.

'Three apples' is the weight of the doll as indicated in her 'official bio.'