Following the news that Madonna is in talks with US retailer Macy's to launch her own clothing line, Madonna-inspired pop phenomenon Lady Gaga revealed that she is planning something similar, according to OK! Magazine.

The British publication reports that Gaga - known to have been shaken by the death of Alexander McQueen and making her Brit Awards performance a tribute to the late designer - wants to work with fashion mogul Donna Versace for her range.

She told OK!: "I'd love to have my own collection. It's something I want to accomplish. [...] I find Donatella a fashion icon and in many ways fashion and music go together."

And the magazine quoted an anonymous source as saying: "The death of Alexander really affected her. She's always loved fashion and it just seems natural for her to create her own collection. [...] Whether it's music or fashion, to her it's about expressing an art form."

Fashion has been having a love/hate relationship with the star, not fully accepting her but not being able to ignore her at the same time, due to the immense publicity Gaga's outfits are generating. She just topped Global Language Monitor's 'fashion buzzword' list, has starred in several acclaimed fashion editorials (including for V Magazine), and sparked more than just one fashion and beauty trend (no pants, anyone?).

Other singers, including Lily Allen, have increasingly been focusing on fashion, and having her own collection would give Lady Gaga an additional opportunity to establish herself as a style authority. However, the OK! article is not well-founded enough just yet to get excited, and it seems strange that Gaga would work with Versace after collaborating with Armani for her panoply of Grammy outfits.